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  • Family News

    14 January at 07:41 from atlas

    Great weekend! Family progressive dinner among those of us living in Masterton. What a great way to enjoy family and food. Antipasto at ...

  • 2015

    1 January at 10:07 from atlas

    Happy New Year to all. I hope that 2015 brings you all that you hope and pray for. Jim.

  • New Blog

    27 November at 13:19 from atlas

    My Australian based daughter has recently visited us back home in New Zealand for the first time in fourteen years. While the visit was ...

  • Latest Book

    19 August at 15:39 from atlas

    My latest eBook has been uploaded and is available free, along with my previous 2 books, at Smashwords.com. It is a Christian fiction ...

  • New Blog

    24 September at 12:43 from atlas

    I have posted my latest blog. Simply click on the 'My Blog' logo and peruse my latest rant (intelligent comment).

  • Oh No

    9 September at 12:04 from atlas

    The Begat Legacy will finish its free status within the next week. Thank you for your interest. Your encouragement and comments have ...

  • The Begat Legacy Review

    6 September at 14:32 from atlas

    My heartfelt thanks goes out to Matthew Messmer for his review of Begat. Thank you Matthew. Much obliged. Jim Payton.

  • Reviews

    12 July at 12:42 from atlas

    Gee, I'd love some reviews of Ripples and The Begat Legacy. Can you help?

  • Free Books

    12 July at 12:41 from atlas

    I have made both Ripples and The Begat Legacy available free at Smashwords. Ripples will always remain free, but The Begat Legacy may ...

  • Ripples Free

    9 May at 17:41 from atlas

    Ripples is free for a limited time from Smashwords.com.


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